EVENT SPACE RENTAL AGREEMENT for 206 Fifth Street, 07302

THIS AGREEMENT (“the Agreement”), made as of this ____ day of____________, 20__, is by

and between 413 Monmouth Street, LLC (the “Owner”), whose business address is 413

Monmouth Street, Jersey City, New Jersey and

________________________________ whose address is ___________________________ (The

“Renter” and collectively, the “Parties”). WHEREAS, Renter wishes to use Owners space for a

____________________ (the “Event”); In consideration of the mutual promises and covenants

contained herein, the Parties agree as follows:

1. Space Rental. Owners hereby grant to Renter a limited and revocable license (the “License”)

to use the following space: Townhome apartment at 206 Fifth Street, 07302. The License

permits Renter to use the Space only on the Event Date, during the hours specified below, and

only for the purposes set forth in this agreement.

2. Event Date. The Event shall be held On __________________, 2018 (the “Event Date”). Renter

shall have access to the Space after ___________ on the Event Date and Renter and guests

must be off the property by __________ Unless given permission by the owners to stay later.

Each additional hour granted is at the rate of $200 per hour.

3. Fees. Renter shall pay to Owners the total amount due (the “Rental Fee”), for the use of the

Space on Event Date for a maximum of __2__ people. Owners shall have no obligations under

this Agreement until the total amount is paid in full. The total Rental Fee is due in full in order to

reserve the Space. If the space is not reserved on the day before the Event, the renter may set

up and/or decorate Space the day before for a fee of $75. For a maximum of two hours. No

guarantee is made that this will be available. If Renter desires to secure the day before Renter’s

use, Renter must pay to the Owner’s the applicable Rental Fee for that day as separate event.

If Renter does not check out and holds space and continues to rent ADDITIONAL TIME for

Event, Renter must pay $250 per additional hour(s).

4. Space Specifications. Owners grant to Renter use of the following amenities at the Space

during the Event: lights, electrical outlets, heating and cooling, wifi, smart TV, tables, chairs,

couch, fridge, microwave, coffee cart, coat rack, and shelves. Charcoal grills are NOT

PERMITTED. Owners shall not be responsible for supplying any of the following for the Event:

food, beverages, dishes or eating utensils, napkins, cups. Except for the specifications set

forth above, the Space shall be provided as-is and Owners make no warranty to Renter

regarding the suitability of the Space for Renter’s intended use. Renter shall leave the Space in

the same or similar condition as when Renter entered. Renter shall be responsible for any

damage caused to the Space beyond ordinary wear and tear, and shall be required to arrange

for the repair of any such damage. In the event that Renter does not satisfactorily arrange for

such repair, Owners shall be entitled to arrange for any necessary repairs at Renter’s expense.

Renter shall reimburse Owners for any such repairs within 30 days of Owners’ written request

for reimbursement, which request shall be accompanied by written verification of the amount

of the expenses incurred.

5. Time. The time rented includes time to load in, set up load out, and clean up. Turn lights off,

heat set to 55 degrees, lock doors, and return keys to the lockbox. Text at the time of check in

and check out. Access instructions will be provided for self-check-in including private security

code to the lockbox. Renter agrees not to share code or keys with attendees, other parties

including caterers, entertainers, or others. Renters will leave the space as found with any

garbage removed prior to check-out time.

6. Alcohol and Music. Owners grant to Renter permission to provide and serve alcoholic

beverages at the Event. Renter agrees to assume all responsibility for ensuring that no one

underage is served alcohol and that all guests 21 and older who served alcohol drink

responsibly. Renter agrees to be considerate of owners neighbors and modulate music volume

accordingly. Renter agrees to use speakers that are in the venue space only. No outside

speakers are allowed to be utilized without prior permission. Renter agrees to bring the sound

to a soft listening level at 10:00pm.

7. Cleanup. Renter acknowledges and agrees load out all that was loaded in, to clean up space

and leave in broom swept condition. Any and all garbage is removed by Renter including trash

and recycling.

8. Restricted Activities. Renter agrees not to provide or allow lewd or indecent activities or

entertainment on Owners’ property. Such activities or entertainment would include strippers

and pornographic material and are strictly prohibited.

9. Right of Entry. Owners shall have the right to enter the Space at any time for any reasonable

purpose, including any emergency that may threaten damage to Owners’ property, emergency

repair work related or not related to the rental of the Space, or injury to any person in or near

the Space.

10. Indemnification. Renter hereby indemnifies and holds harmless Owners from any damages,

actions, suits, claims, or other costs (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising out of or in

connection with any damage to any property or any injury caused to any person (including

death) caused by Renter’s use of the Space, including any acts or omissions on the part of

Renter, its employees, officers, directors, independent contractors, attendees, or other agents.

Renter shall notify Owners of any damage or injury of which it has knowledge in, to, or near the

Space, regardless of the cause of such damage or injury.

11. Permitted Use. Renter is authorized pursuant to the License to use the Space to hold the

Event, and for no other purpose. Renter may not use the Space in any manner that may render

the insurance for the Space or upon any of the Owners’ property void, or which may result in

increased insurance premiums for Owners with respect to the Space or any other of Owners’


12. Insurance and Liability. Special Event liability insurance is required for all renters and

caterers. Established catering Services may use their license and insurance to cover this. The

insurance must, at renter’s sole expense, provide and maintain public liability and personal

property damage insurance, stating three additional insureds: 1. 413 Monmouth Street, LLC

and 2. 413 Monmouth Condo Association, and Vikki Michalios, contractors and contracted

vendors against all bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and other loss arising out of

renter’s use and occupancy of the premises, or any other occupant on the premises, including

appurtenances to the premises and sidewalks. The insurance required hereunder shall have a

single limit liability of not less than $1 million, and general aggregate liability of not less than $2

million. Dylan Cohen and Vikki Michalios, shall be named as an additional insured of said

policy. If alcohol is to be served please make sure that the policy includes Host liquor liability

coverage to protect you against alcohol- related accidents, as you are ultimately liable for the

safety of your guests. You must also include "waiver of subrogation" on the event insurance

policy. Any caterers and/or outside vendors, companies, and/or institutions MUST provide a

copy of their certificate of insurance and catering license to 413 Monmouth Street, LLC,

naming 413 Monmouth Street, LLC as stated, and will be delivered at least 3 days prior to the


13. Compliance with Laws. Renter shall obtain and maintain any necessary permits, licenses,

or other forms of permission necessary to use the Space according to the permitted uses set

forth in a lawful manner. Renter shall not use the Space in any manner that would violate any

established local, state, or federal laws.

14. Cancellation. If Renter notifies Owners 30 days or more before the Event Date Renter’s

desire to cancel the Event, then Owners shall refund to Renter the full amount of the Rental Fee

(including the full Deposit). Owners shall not be liable for any additional costs or damages

suffered by Renter (over and above the Rental Fee) arising out of a cancellation of the Event. If

the Event is cancelled within 30 days of the Event Date, Owners shall have the right to retain

the full Deposit (if applicable) and Rental Fee, including for a weather-related cancellation.

15. Revocation. Owners shall have the right to revoke the License at any time prior to the Event

Date, provided it gives Renter prior written notice of revocation. In the event that Owners

revoke the License prior to the Event for reasons other than nonpayment of fees or breach of

this Agreement by Renter, Owners shall refund to Renter the full amount paid by Renter in

connection with this agreement, including the full Deposit.

16. Assignment. Neither Party may assign or transfer their respective rights or obligations

under this Agreement without prior written consent from the other Party. Except that if the

assignment or transfer is pursuant to a sale of all or substantially all of a Party’s assets, or is

pursuant to a sale of a Party’s business, then no consent shall be required. In the event that an

assignment or transfer is made pursuant to either a sale of all or substantially all of the Party’s

assets or pursuant to a sale of the business, then written notice must be given of such transfer

with 10 days of such assignment or transfer.

17. Governing Law. This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with, and governed in all

respects by, the laws of the State of New Jersey, without regard to conflicts of law principles.

18. Counterparts. This Agreement may be executed in several counterparts, each of which

shall constitute an original and all of which, when taken together, shall constitute one


19. Entire Agreement. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between Renter and

Owners, and supersedes any prior understanding or representation of any kind preceding the

date of this Agreement. There are no other promises, conditions, understandings or other

agreements, whether oral or written, relating to the subject matter of this Agreement.

IN WITNESS THEREOF, the Parties have caused this Agreement to be executed the day and

year first above written.



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413 Monmouth Street, LLC

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