Jersey City Banquet Hall

Event Space For Hire is the best small venue in Jersey City for your next banquet event. We can accommodate up to 60 guests comfortably and affordably.

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We Make Events Memorable

A cozy setting that reflects the urban essence of downtown Jersey City, this venue is beautifully simple and clean. The interior of the space features a glass storefront with sheer curtains and smooth wood flooring with plenty of room for your banquet.

Banquets are meant to celebrate, award or recognize a particular group of people, person or event and we know each involve planning and preparation. We want your event to be as special as it can be and we provide the necessary amenities to help make that happen.

Whether you setup a buffet, a wedding or reception dinner, family gathering, you’ll be satisfied with our hall. It’s laid out to set up a number of different ways. This small and intimate setting is perfect for your next feasting event!

Common Types of Banquets Hosted At Our Venue

There are different styles you may want to consider when setting up the event. They are often setup according to the occasion or even the menu itself. For instance, plates being served ought to be easy to handle, for example, foods without sauces. Here are a few types of banquets you can setup in our establishment:

  • Buffets - very common in events with larger numbers of attendees, this setup features food choices on tables separate from the seating area. And since guests serve themselves, there’s no need for additional staff.

  • Reception - finger food, hors d’oeuvres and appetizers arranged in a buffet-style arrangement where guests can serve themselves. These are more of social gatherings where people roam around eating and chatting.

  • Food Stations - sometimes called action stations, these are typically manned by a chef who is cooking and preparing a variety of food including meat carving, pasta bars, sushi stations, and desserts.

  • Cafeteria-style - similar to a buffet in that guests stand in a line to choose their food, but in this setting it’s typically dished by a server of some kind from the line. This can help control costs since you have control over portion sizes.

  • Plated - servers bring already portioned food to the guests. This is typically a more efficient type of banquet service. You’ll often see this style at formal events such as weddings.

  • Family-style - guests are seated with large plates of food or bowls placed at the table. Guests serve themselves and pass the food around the table.

  • Pre-set - with this type of service, the food is already placed at the table when guests arrive. Common with food items like bread, salads, desserts, and beverages. The main course is typically brought to the guests afterwards.


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We look forward to having you as our guests

We create the ambient atmosphere, you bring the party and the food.

You’ll quickly see how special this place is, so come check us out. Our amenities will speak for themselves. We have a comfortable setting for any event - the possibilities are endless!

Contact Event Space For Hire today to see how we can make your next banquet or special event the best you’ve ever experienced.