Corporate Event Venue NJ

Event Space For Hire is your premier destination for your next professional or party event. Whether you’re planning a product launch, corporate meeting or brand experience, or hosting a company holiday party, we have a space set aside for you. Our corporate and group event space can accommodate various functions up to 60 guests creating a comfortable setting for any event in Jersey City, NJ.

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Business Meetings

You need a quiet neutral space to meet with corporate executives or team members to discuss ideas, objectives and goals that concern the workplace. We have the ideal alternative face to face meeting area perfect for your company needs.

  • Wifi

  • Movable 40inch flatscreen smart TV with speakers

  • Street parking on weekends and evenings. Free 2 hour parking during weekdays

  • 5 tables, 27 chairs available here.

Team Building Events

Games and exercises bring the people in your company together by encouraging collaboration and teamwork. It’s important to allow team members to connect in a different setting with fun activities that can help people see each other differently.

Some of these events might include scavenger hunts, game shows, spy and mystery puzzles, and host of other fun things to enhance social relations and define roles within teams.

All of the corporate team building programs, events, activities, and icebreakers can be held right here at our 850 sqft event space.

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Demonstrations And Presentations

Sometimes a company needs a place to lay out their plans in a way that everyone else can see and understand prior to the release of a new software, product, or business strategy.

The process of showing the product or explanation of something by giving proof or evidence can be crucial for business growth or it might not be understood how it works.

You’ll find our venue in downtown Jersey City more than adequate for your presentation or demonstration needs. Our movable 40 inch flatscreen TV and WiFi will be at your disposal if you need them.

Pop Up shops

Hosting a pop up store boasts a number of benefits. If you’re an online store, temporary retail can be a huge opportunity to boost revenue and build buzz for your brand without forking out all your cash. Some of these benefits include:

  • Explore other revenue streams

  • Generate brand awareness

  • Unload old inventory

  • Personally engaging with customer brings higher conversion percentages

  • Creates an urgency, “get it while it lasts” scarcity

  • Market around a season, holiday, or sale

  • Go where your customers are

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Company Holiday Parties

90% of companies throw a holiday party for their employees. This is a great way companies show their appreciation for — and retain — their employees. It’s the perfect way for employees to mingle with their co-workers and connect with their bosses on a more personal level. And of course, it’s also a great way to boost your holiday cheer!

Schedule your holiday party or banquet with us so you can boost commitment and elevate spirits in your company.


Transform Our Space To Reflect Your Brand

Our Jersey City venue is a blank canvas begging to be transformed into your personal or corporate image that reflects the values of your brand while embracing the unique company culture of your business. Showcase your style with color use and decoration to create the atmosphere that best suits and elevates your brand. The possibilities are endless. Call Event Space For Hire today to get a tour and envision your creation. Our space can also be used to host birthday parties or wedding reception events.